Extra Curricular

INTER SCHOOL COMPETITION - for kindergarten children

By Balaskandan , IX , B

Inter school competition was held for the kindergarten kids at Devi Academy Secondary School on 24-11-2009.Many schools from the city participated in this competition. For the LKG students:-
There was on stage as well as off stage events. The on stage events included Fancy Dress Competition: regional dress of India, Prayer recitation.The off stage events include:-
Coloring,Clay Modeling.For the UKG kids:- The on stage events included:-Theme Talk, National Festivals, Conservation of Water and Story Telling. The off stage events included:- Coloring competition, and Clay modeling. The kindergarten children participated very effectively in a sportive manner and had a positive attitude this made them win prizes in the competitions. The prizes were distributed in the school before their friends to encourage them.


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