Teachers our second parents....

By Pradikshana

“Why God created teachers?
In His wisdom and His grace,
Was to help us learn and to make our world
A better, wiser place!”

Teachers are our second parents. Isn’t it. Definitely they are who sharpen our minds. As a part of Teachers Day the views collected from a number of students on teachers are as follows.

“Teacher’s are the God’s gift to us on Earth. They impart us good knowledge and guide us in all our activities. They are friendly but also strict when she has to be. She shares a lot of things and boosts us to do many things and to achieve our goal. She will be a helping hand while we are in trouble. So teachers are,
- J.Pradikshana, 9 – ‘A’
“I consider my teachers as my second parents. They usually advise and direct us towards our future careers. They share their experience with me which makes me enthusiasm. They help me in bringing out my good qualities to life and shape me in a good way.
So we all are lucky to get a ‘GOOD MENTORS’!”
- S.Balamithra, 9 –‘A’
“A teacher is a person who always thinks good for our future. They not only impart us subject related knowledge but also shares many other things and guides us to the right path which lead us to success. Teacher is a person who thinks good for our future and helps us while we are in trouble.
- A.M.Ashwathi, 9 -‘C’
“God’s gift to Human beings is life! But a teacher’s gift to the students is education & knowledge. Hence teachers are said to be equal to GOD and are considered as our second parents and guides us towards our goal. So according to me, TEACHING PROFESSION IS THE BEST PROFESSION!”
- C.Harshinee, 9 – ‘A’
“Teachers have been known to play dynamic roles in the lives of students. The power of an excellent teacher is unparallel. An attempt to describe it in a single article would indeed be nearly impossible. Teachers, who can best be described as, THE SCULPTOR’S OF HUMAN MIND!”
- D.Shri Ranjani, 9 – A’

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