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Trees- A Boon To Mankind

By Pushya.S.Ram , VIII , C

God has given to mankind, Nature's treasure in so many forms and shapes but it is man who has misused them in utter self-interest. The trees are one such boon bestowed on mankind. They play such a significant role in our healthy living, but man's lust for more land for their agriculture and still more for the factories, industries etc. has resulted in the depletion of treasure of nature on such a large scale. 'Trees' have been trimmed, tortured and truncated.

In our country our ancestors had evolved a method of protecting this bounty of nature. Trees used to be worshiped as a deity. There was divinity attached to them and therefore forbidden to be cut down or even truncated. They would worship them on different occasions and not cause any harm to them.

Man today wants to achieve more and more, whatever the cost he requires to pay for it, even if he has to play foul with the nature. This is the thinking which hassled to large scale devastation of forests.

Trees provide CO2, oxygen to the environment thus maintaining a balance and equilibrium. They provide shelter to flora and fauna and serve as a natural habitat for them and in many other ways. Also forests are fast disappearing and this is causing very serious consequences adversely affecting India's climate. Afforestation of forests is not able to cope with extent of deforestation that is taking place. If our forests have to saved, drastic steps will have to be taken otherwise the malady would reach a proportion which would become hard to remedy.

Therefore the beginning should be made without any further delay otherwise a stage of no return will be reached soon. It is not the government alone which can rectify the wrong. A civic consciousness has to be aroused . One person one tree- if this mission and message can get through, India can regain its lost grandeur nature.

So, with this message I bid goodbye! Happy New Year !


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