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First Step Taken Towards CLEANLINESS In Our Surroundings!

By V.V.Bhanumathi , IX , A

Hi friends.
Do you like to live in a very dumpy,garbaged surroundings?Well,no one likes it.
Now,what can we do to make our society clean?What are the consequences we will face if we don't keep our society clean?What is the net result?What measures has the govt.undertaken?
lets see it in detail............
Firstly, lets see ,what we can do to keep our society clean. We can make two disposable bags in our house every day- Bio Degradable and non -biodegradable. Biodegradable will contain all vegetable and fruit waste , non biodegradable will contain plastics and plastic products. We can also arrange a sweep day every week, probably on sundays, where all of the neighbourhood residence can come out and sweep the road wiping the garbage and put in the nearby garbage box. We always see places filled with garbage here and there. This not only makes it uncomfortable for the people living there but also for the passers-by.
Now, what are the consequences of not cleaning our surroundings? Well, it is horrible even to think what will happen. If we don't clean and keep our surroundings tidy we are in the verge of making our ares, we live in, disease prone. Many files, mosquitoes breed in the garbage. They , from the garbage, can enter our house and will spread diseases like - chikungunya, malaria, food poisoning etc.
Even after this if we don't take action then we are prone to many diseases and gradually the area will be given the title "Unhealthy zone".
Okay. Now let us see, what steps the Government has undertaken for cleanliness. The Government on a 5 year basis arrange a company for cleaning the country. Until 2008 it was "Onyx-Singapore" who under took the project. Now in 2008 the Government gave the project to 'NEEL METAL FANALCA' - COLOMBO based company.
But do you think they are doing their duty properly? I don't think so. We see many places now littered with garbage.
The 7th July 2009 issue of 'THE HINDU' supplementary copy 'YOUNG WORLD"had half -a-page article talking on littering. It was titled "ILL-LITERATE". It is true what they had meant. A country should not only be literate but also "ill literate" meaning a country should also be "not-littered" every where.
Now, as the Neel Metal Fanalca is not doing there duty properly, my neighbourhood residence welfare association has arranged a method for cleaning the society. Every day, two vehicles come and all the houses have to give away their garbage for that day. They come to each and every house . We also have to keep two separate bags- "Bio degradable and Non biodegradable " wastes and they also clean the neighbourhood everyday. In this way our neighbourhood is clean , tidy and "ill-literate ".
Like my neighbourhood society, why don't you do like-wise and keep our society clean and make our country, we live in , Proud??!! Think over it !!!


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