Disadvantages of watching Television

By Shweta Kallapur , VI , A

Are you a person who sits in front of the television? Then be aware of its disadvantages! Although tv is useful, it has a lot more disadvantages. This is why its rightly called the "idiot box".

Here are some of its disadvantages-

It spoils your vision- People who watch too much tv from a young age tend to get spectacles very early.

It spreads violence- Children who watch violent shows or movies fight and argue more than children who watch useful shows.

Weight gain- Sitting in front of the TV burns only 68 calories per hour and is not good for your health.

It wastes so much of you time and gets you addicted.

It makes you dumb- A study in the United States in 2005 showed that kiids who had TV in their own rooms scored lower in their tests.

It is important to encourage kids to read books rather than watch TV.

So friends, did you understand the disadvantages of watching TV? so cut down you TV watching time and increase your reading time!


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