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Annual Day Report

By Y. Alex, Principal

St.Thomas High School,Neredmet,celebrated its 17th AnnualDay on 1st February at 5.30 pm.His Lordship Rt.Rev.Dr.Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa presided over the meeting.Honourable Dr.J.Geeta Reddy,Minister for Major industries, was our chief Guest .The inaugural programme commenced with a prayer by Rev.Abraham Chacko.Rev.Y.Alex welcomed the chief guest ,dignitaries and the school community. Mrs.Jayasree Souri ,Vice principal, Presented a Report.Next,His Lordship, Rt.Rev.Dr.Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa & Honourable Dr.J.GeetaReddy,formally inaugurated the Annual Day by lighting the Lamp.Then,Thirumeni delivered the presidential Address.Thirumeni quoted from the Upanishad that the purpose of Education is to lead the untruth to the truth,from darkness to the light and from death to eternal life.Thirumeni onceagain reminded that the aim of the missionary institution is not to make money but to encourage each child,that every child from the neighbourhood would join the school.
Honourable Dr.J.Geeta Reddy,Minister for Major Industries,Govt.Of Andhrapradesh, in her inaugural address complimented and congratulated the management and staff for securing 100% results in the Baord Examinations of Class 10 & 7.Minister advised to introduce Dance and other cultural activities in the curriculam for the allround development of the students.
Honourable MLA G Sayanna,Guest of Honour, in his address suggested the students to work even more harder and get the best results as the world is becoming more competitive day by day.
Then , Thirumeni, Minister and MLA were joinly distributed prizes to the students. After the prize distribution,the programme ended with the prayer of Rev.GijuJohn and the Benediction of Thirumeni. After the Inaugural programme,
The student Forum presented Variety of cultural programme.


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