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By T. Sudershan

St. Jude's Public School & Junior College celebrated the 28th Annual Day on the 25th of October, 2008 in their usual magnificent way at the West brook Campus in Kotagiri.

The Chairman, Mr.P.P.Dhanarajan welcomed the august gathering comprising a galaxy of distinguished guests, parents and ex-Judians.

Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan, Principal, proudly read the Annual Report which highlighted the school's dramatic growth and accomplishments over the year in all arenas. In the prize distribution ceremony that followed winners of various Inter School competitions were awarded.

This year round the students enthralled the audience with a cultural programme entitled "In Search of Peace" or "Amaidheyai Thedi". The message the children wished to convey through an hour-long series of spectacular dances interspersed with multilingual skits and audio-visual displays was that "Peace comes from God and we must all be messengers of Peace" and that the experience of God's love manifested in different forms is a totally enriching and ennobling experience.

Beginning with a Tamil skit depicting King Ashoka's glorious victory at Kalinga, the students enacted the grief of the heart broken king on seeing the scenes of agony and death. King Ashoka, who set out on a quest for peace, found it ultimately in Dharma.

The realization, that we live and die but once, was depicted in an Oriental dance.

A true incident in the life of noted film actor, AVM Rajan, harassed by money lenders when financially bankrupt and the sudden change of heart in them on hearing a church message, "All ye who labour and are over-burdened, come to me and I will give you rest" was then enacted.

The graceful and synchronized movements of the girls in a well-choreographed Bharatnatyam recital left the audience spellbound. In a bid to revive the memory of traditional folk dances of Tamil Nadu the students presented "Themangu," a less familiar folk dance.

God's love is manifested in different forms. From a mother's enchanting lullaby to a father's self-sacrificing love was shown in a Hindi skit and the skill requiring "Karagaattam."

A Kannada skit that dealt with marital love was then followed by "Thappattam".

The vibrancy of friends' love was shown through a Telugu skit and the traditional folk dance "Oyil attam"

Skits followed that showed how misunderstandings crop up leading at times to communal clashes, the lack of compassion in society, the play of separatist forces people driven to the brink of despair and even death. Where are we in the midst of all this? Have we been children of God? were a few of the questions raised.

Examples of The Mahatma, Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa, who embodied the true love of God in their attempt to alleviate the sufferings of humanity, were shown.

The programme ended with a lamp dance revealing the resolve of Judians to be the light dispelling the darkness of the world.

In addition, children showcased their musical talents. The fifty member choir sang of "Joy, Peace and Love" while the orchestra revealed the talents of budding musicians with a Swedish piece titled "Swars Dance", the immortal BoneyM composition "Rasputin" and a Musical medley. The juniors presented a Classical Carnatic song "Thillana".

To reflecting the peaceful co-existence in nature the little Judians presented "Harmony in Nature"

The Thai students of the school with charming and graceful moves easily won the hearts of all present with traditional dances of Thailand.

In keeping with the current trend, senior boys and tiny tots shook a leg much to the delight of the audience.

The programme concluded with the School Captain proposing the Vote of Thanks followed by the National Anthem.


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