General Knowledge & Riddles

By Ed.Board


If x is 5 letters if you remove first letter x is dead. If you remove first 2 letters x is sick. Then what is x?

G.K Answers:

1. Anurpho Pallas Titanum, 12-24 feets, 80 kgs nearly.
2. Cartilage.
3. Mac Mohan.
4. Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
5. Puya Rymondi.


1. What a lonely banana says?
2. Which letter can fly?
3. Which letter can wears and pectacles?
4. Which table doesn’t have four legs?
5. Which bird can lift heaviest weight?
6. Which is the frog’s favorite snack?
7. The letter which we drick is?
8. What happens when a person sit on a safety pin?


1. I am ‘A’ Kela.
2. B (Bee)
3. I (Eye)
4. Multiplication Table.
5. Crane.
6. French Flies.
7. Tea ( T ).
8. Nothing.

1. Which is the land of white Elephants?
2. Which is the biggest Artery in the body?
3. Which is the land of rising sun?
4. Water is in which state?
5. Which is known as Pink City?
6. Which is the land of mid night sun?
7. Which is the land of Seven Hills?


1. Finland
2. Arota
3. Japan
4. Liquid
5. Jaipur
6. Norway
7. Rome

What makes 100%

(Attitude makes the man 100% perfect).


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