By B.Abhilash , IX , B

Eduranet is a national wide programme to test the student skills in different aspects. It was started in 2005. Now it is a leading competition held in India. It was founded by Mr.Javed. Its mission is to bring out the best in every student who can expel their Natural abilities. It is also called “Nationwide Intellectual Olympiad”. It was an open competition and more than 200 schools have taken part. It has conducted in 7 fields. The fields are Advanced Mathematical skills, Analytical & Problem solving skills, Leadership, Presentation and Communication skills and General knowledge, Awareness skills. The first round was written one, 2nd and 3rd rounds were depending on the topic. From our school many students qualified. I Abhilash of IX class and Supraja Reddy of X class were awarded with Bronze and Silver medals respectively. All the coordinator teachers are given the mementos for encouraging the participants; our teacher coordinator Mrs.Rama Ratnam is one among those awardees. More than 110 students were awarded on 27th February of different schools.


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