By S. Jayalakshmi , IX , C

India attained Independence on 15th August 1947. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, fought against the British rulers in a non-violent way. He was sent to jail several times by the British rulers but he was brave enough to meet the threats of the rulers. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Kamaraj, Rajaji and so many other joined Mahatma Gandhi in the freedom struggle.
Mahatma Gandhi started non-co-operation movement and salt Satyagraha in which many patriotic Indians, joined together. Our struggles against the foreigners were backed up with truth and Ahimsa. We are celebrating Independence Day every year in August 15th with grandeur. Our government has declared August 15th as a national holiday.
We have suffered a lot to get our motherland freed from British. Many people scarified their belongings, families and lives too for the nation. So, we must work together for the improvement of the country. By languages we are many; but as a nation we are one. Hard work, sincerity and dedication alone will improve the condition of the masses who are illiterate and poor.

A Visit to the Zoo.
Our school arranged a tour to zoo last year. The other two sections also accompanied us. They arranged 3 buses for each sections. We were a jolly party, laughing and joking. We got down from the bus and proceeded to the zoo. We were thrilled to be in the small world of animals and birds. The wild beasts like the lion, the tiger and the bear were ferocious looking.
The tricks of monkeys and apes made us laugh. We threw groundnuts, biscuits and bananas towards them. They picked them up greedily and ate them in no time. The snakes were, however, a terrifying sight. The various reptiles their long bodies, their forked tongues and glassy stares filled us with fear. The elephant, the camel and the tall, long necked giraffe amused us very much. We spent some hours gazing at all the animals. We saw wild and very thick skinned animal rhinoceros and hippopotamus in a big pond.
Then we spread out lunch basket on a grassy plot and ate the lunch greedily because we were hungry. As the evening came on, we unwillingly left our dumb-friends and returned to Bus parking. When we returned home, we proudly related to our parents and elders about the exciting experiences in the zoo.


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