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CCE-Boon or Bane?

By Amogh Umesh , XI , E

The new C.C.E. pattern which stands for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation has now been introduced in our school. A year back, students in Std. IX used to struggle with the heavy burden of studies. We have various subjects. But the portions have been greatly reduced. I am sure this is going to help the students reduce their stress. “I need to score well!” and “I’ve got tough competition!” are thoughts of old. They had started to take it lightly.

The C.C.E. pattern has changed the mindset of the students. Now all the class tests play a great role in determining the marks of students. We students, learn the whole book by-heart, and then puke it out in the examinations. We don’t know that the values are useful, not only for examinations, but also for our day-to-day lives.

The pattern aims at making the students confident and bold. This, I feel, is doing a great job. The seminars, speeches, mono acting and skits that are conducted in classes make us lose our stage fear. There are many projects, model, charts, book reviews that gives us the opportunity to show off our creativity. Like the proverb says “Bloom where you are planted!” I believe that each child has his/her own talents which can be developed over a period of time. The news that the Std. X Board Exams will not be conducted in itself, gives immeasurable joy for young students.

I hope this pattern will help the students’ community to come out with flying colours.


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