Srinivasa Ramanujam , the Maths Genius rightly said, “Mathematics , more than any other art or science , is a young man’s game.” “ An equation means nothing to me, unless it expresses a thought of God”.
We have so many young minds , so many young creations of God who need to be polished to become great mathematicians . To inculcate the urge to solve problems, to get inspired to learn solutions to these problems and puzzles , the Mathematics week was held from 4th Nov’13 to 8th Nov’13.Many competitions were held during the entire week.
A puzzle was put up on the notice board every day and the student who solved the puzzle first was adjudged the winner. The Puzzle Corner was conducted for classes III to IX and XI. A quiz competition was conducted for class XI . The preliminary round had 10 teams participating - 4 teams were selected for the final round. The 4 teams were named Ramanujam , Shakuntala Devi , Arya Bhatta and Bhaskara . The quiz master Mrs.Sunanda Elangovan conducted 5 rounds of interesting quiz which was followed by an audience round. The winners were team Aryabhatta , with Vishal Mohan . V, S.Karthikeyan and B.Hariharan of XI ‘B’and team Shakuntala Devi with Karthik Nachiappan, Lakshmanan.V and Sekkappar .C of XI’E’.
Another interesting feature was the Mathematical Rangoli Competition based on mathematical shapes for the students of class IX. The winners were Mahalakshmi .M and Divya .A of IX ‘A’ and the runners -up were Pavithra .R and Yashika.V.V of class IX’E’.
Classes VII and VIII took part in Rubik Cube , class VI in Sudoku and classes III to V in Aptitude Test.
This celebration has motivated the students to feel that Mathematics is more fascinating than they had thought it to be . The week has given them an impetus to explore fresh paths .


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