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Reopening Day 2010-2011

By Karthik P Moothedath , IX , B

The portals of Rajagiri HSS bubbled with enthusiasm and energy as the school reopened after the long summer vacation. The students , teachers and parents gathered in the auditorium for the prayer service. Father Berchman CMI, our dear Principal Fr. Varghese M J CMI and Fr. Jerry CMI led the prayer service. The new students ignited little lamps usher in knowledge and wisdom. The ceremony was enlivened with school choir's mellifluous hymns. Our principal exhosted the students to work harder and harder. Father Berchman in his message said education was unbridling the powers in us and resonstructing the image of God in our souls.
The students offered writing material, sports equipments, books, musical instruments, uniform and a tree sapling. Students read extracts from the Bible, Koran and Bhagavath Gita. The solemn ceremony set the right tone to start the new academic year.


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