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Fr. Principal's 60th Birthday Celebrations

By Mrs. Manju Alias

Rajagiri HSS celebrated their principal Father Varghese Manickanaparambil's 60th birthday with warmth, affection and gaiety. It was an occasion for both teachers and students to express their regards and respects to the Principal. The celebration was conducted in a brightly decorated auditorium in the presence of the whole school.
The ceremony began with a prayer and Father Manickanaparambil CMI cut the cake as chants of happy birthday rent the air. The school leader Janifer N Saharan and little Marriet from the LP section congratulated our dear Principal on the occasion. Marriet rightly pointed out that father is indeed a role model to Rajagirians with his gentle but firm ways and high ideals and simple living. Each class overwhelmed Father Varghese with their love as they vied with each other to present beautifully made bouquets and hand made cards. The staff representatives presented father with a gift from the entire staff members. The senior most member of the staff Prof. Gopalakrishnan lauded father as an embodiment of priestly virtues. Father Varghese has been able to tap the best out of each member of the staff without a frown or a scowl.
Father Varghese in reply thanked the school for the overwhelming love saying that he has been spurred to do greater things. He told the staff and the students that without them he is a zero but with them he is a hero.
The celebration culminated with a birthday song composed especially and with the distribution of cakes to the students.


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