By MV Visisht , IX , B

Every year we celebrate the sports day in the month of August. Eventhough the exams were round the corner, we seemed to enjoy participating in all the events.

The Sports day fell on 29th of august this year. The sports field was thoroughly prepared for the occasion. Seating arrangements were made on one side of the field and the stage was set for the winners to walk away with prizes. The victory stand was brightly painted eagerly waiting for the winners to mount.

At the designated hour, the Chief Guest, Ms.Vijayalakshmi , the former principal of P. S. Senior Secondary School arrived. Our Road Safety Patrol cadets marched to receive her. Aparna Venkat of class XI gave the guest a warm welcome through her speech. Shortly after that, the Chief Guest was asked to declare the sports day open. The first event of the day was the “Torch Bearing”. The torch was borne by some of the twelfth standard students. This was followed by a March Past by our school students of different houses of classes IX-XII. They were all looking spic and span in their white house uniforms. Cauvery was declared the best house for the march past and was given a prize too. The honorable guest gave the sports day message to the students.She spoke on the significance of participation in all sports activities unmindful of defeat or victory. This is termed as “Sportsmanship” .

The sports competitions began in earnest. There were a few track events, like the 100 meters and the 4x100 meters relay. These events were only for the super senior category i.e. the XI and the XII students. The different talents were showcased by the students from classes VI-XII, like drills, silambattam, yogasanas, pyramids, etc.

At last came the prize distribution where most of the prizes were bagged by “CAUVERY” house and the overall championship was also won by the same house. It is a red-letter day for the red house .

The Chief Guest enjoyed herself watching the events with so much appreciation. She felt very happy to have spent her time watching these budding sports personalities performing with perfection .


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