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Go Orlando!

There’s this guy in 12 C. Well there is something about him, something so private that I can't talk about it. Something so secret that I can't reveal it. Something too confidential to disclose...


This guy...



A look alike of Orlando Bloom wanna see? Then take a look at the pictures here.

Just in case you were wondering, they both aren’t the same. Well...

Gauthami, Dinakar, Hari Gauthem, Sudhir Devapalan

One beat of a fly’s wing - 0.001 sec
Flash of a lightning - 0.001 sec
Blink of a human eye - 0.33 sec
Human Heartbeat - 1 sec
Bullet train to travel 1km - 13.75 sec
Space shuttle to travel 100km - 15 sec
Light reaching Earth from Sun - 497 sec
RK Gauthami 7B

Students' Responses for the Month's Topic

By Meenakshi, Ashmina 11 D - Edit

This month's topic is :
"Boy-Girl Friendship and the Society". Quicksilver conducted a survey on this topic among the NSN students and realized that most of them are facing similar problems.
They feel that friendship is something very pure, but the society contaminates it by putting a strong opposition for a boy-girl friendship. A 12th grade girl says, " Even though we are just being friendly, our parents think its a relationship-this really hurts our feelings."
Most of...

Girish, Reshma Rahim, Manikandan, Harith Jennifer

Rainy Day

I was walking in the beach during a rainy day,

Due to the sudden wind, the trees gently swayed,

I admired it as I passed through the path, the rain had paved.

I just loved the beauty of nature,

The man who loves it, is a lovely and lively creature,

When I looked up the dark sky, hid the moon from behind the cloud as if shy.

I walked through...

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