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High School Annual Day/Silver Jubilee Celebrations

By Dharini Agarwal , VII , C

Our school celebrated its Silver Jubilee this year. And so, the Annual Day was celebrated as “Silver Jubilee Celebrations”.
It was celebrated on 16th November, 2010. The Chief Guest was Mr.Bhanwarlal, Election Commissioner of Andhra Pradesh.
It started with a beautifully coordinated welcoming prayer dance & the dance form was Kuchipudi. It was followed by the Hindi drama which was based on the life of the famous writer of Hindi literature “Tulsidas ji”. The drama was then followed by the musical Punjabi-Sufi song. After that was the melodious English song “Joy Of Life” which grabbed our attention with its excellent background music. Then it was time for the Telugu drama which was a parody on a “Parliament Session”. And then was the much-awaited English drama “Merchant Of Venice” written by one of the world’s best known writers of English literature, William Shakespeare. It was a part of the play and the Act was Act IV Scene 2. Then was the prize distribution & the speech by the Chief Guest Mr.Bhanwarlal, the Principal Mr.B.Jivitesh Reddy & the Headmistress Mrs.Lakshmi Krishnan. Later the Silver Jubilee Dance was performed by the girls of 8th, 9th & 10th which was a big hit just like the next two dances that followed it. They were the Dashavatar Dance & the last event was the Avatar Dance, both the former & the latter were a mix of western & classical dances.
The Silver Jubilee Celebrations was a very grand occasion & was a very impressive event. It was appreciated by all the parents of the students of Niraj Public School. The students were very enthusiastic about putting up the various events for their parents & made the school proud. The school was very happy that the students put up an excellent show & thanked all the students for not letting the school down.


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