By Tripura Mam Biology Teacher

In Nature there is no such thing as a waste. One should always remember to, Reduce, reuse, recycle & rebuy.
Recycling reduces waste, saves energy. Conserves natural resources & useless land fill space.
In terms for becoming more sustainable, recycling and waste management are critical. Since we are the largest consumers in the world, what we do with our waste is of vital importance as so it happens that nearly all things can be recycled in one way or another. However, it is up to the manufacturers of products to make sure all packaging can be recycled safely and efficiently. In order to lower our impact on the environment we need to think about what systems we can put in place so that materials that were once discarded can be streamlined back into the production line to be reused for the same purpose or another purpose that will minimize wastage. The other option to recycling is to make materials out of products from sustainable sources that are biodegradable and/or recyclable
Based on this most important concept our Narayana Concept School, Tarnaka On January 26th organized a fete
.Our children Primary, Middle &high School Made many useful objects out of waste material They made luminaries by using shells of coconut,gasets ,bottles. Some made use of eggshell, wastetins into toys and vases.some high school children stitched the torn jeans into valets &bags. The broken beed pipe is converted into a most beautiful corner big vase. Some made hand made paper greetings and bags, tagged with to be Ecofriendly.
It was a big gathering the parent's wre astonished to see their children skills.


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