By Divya, X

We are all the children of our mother land India having Unity in Diversity as one of its distinctive features. The country ‘India’ stands for several cultures which were being practiced ages past. Such of the cultures have some evils like the dowry, child marriages, sati sahagamana, etc., all these collectively are called the social evils .dowry is one of such social evils.
In olden days, dowry was given as (some amount of money) something which may be some property or money from the side of bride to the bride itself to meet the expenses of her needs and all. But in course of time it has been changed to be something which is been given from the side of bride to the bridegroom .but now this has become such an evil that it is ready even to squeeze the blood of a bride for dowry . But this abject practice is becoming a big headache for the people of poor or middle class families. Many great people of our nation like the Kandukuri Veeresalingam and all raised their voice against such corrupt practice . But it showed no impact.
If this system is being continued without any barriers, it would not step back even to take the lives of several innocent people . So it is the collective and individual duty of each of us to eradicate such social evils and enlighten our nation as a culturally courteous Nation.

“Mera Bharath mahaan …!”


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