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•Gates Avenue was a street, but it seemed longer because it was so ugly. Most of the families who lived there had very little money. They never expected to have any more. Their houses had not been painted for many years, and they did not have even running water. The street itself was ugly, too.

•The other girls in the school nar Gates avenue more pretty new clothes that spring .But the little girl from gates Avenue still wore the dirty dress that she had worn all winter, probably that was the only dress that she owned

•Her teacher sighed the little girl was so nice ! she always worked hard in school ;she was always friendly and polite. Her face was dirty and hair was untidy.

•one day the teacher said,” won’t you wash your face before you come to school tomorrow morning? Please do that, just for me.”
•The next morning the child’s pretty face was clean and her hair was clean and tidy
•Before the little girl went home that afternoon, the teacher said,” Now Clear, Please ask your mother to wash your dress.
•But the girl continued to wear the same dirty dress.” Her mother is probably not interested in her’” the teacher thought.
•So she bought a bright blue dress and gave it to the little girl . The girl took the gift eagerly and rushed home.
•The next morning she came to school in the new blue dress, and she was very clean and tidy. She told the teacher ‘”my mother couldn’t her eyes when she saw me this morning in my new dress.”
•My father was not at home,” but he’ll see at supper in night.”
•When the family ate supper, he was more amazed to see a cloth on the kitchen table. The family had never used a table cloth before.
•After supper the mother began to wash the kitchen floor. Her husband watched silently for several moments. Then he went out side and began to repair fence.
•The next evening ,with the family’s help he began to make a garden.
•And at the end of the week the man began to paint his house, for the first time in ten years.
•Who Knows what will happen when a teacher gives a little girl a new blue dress?


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