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By C.S. Navomi Shireen , VIII , A

Women's Empowerment is central to human development. Empowerment of women could only be achived if their economy and social status is improved. This could be possible only by adopting definite social and economic policies with a new of total development of women and the measures there should be a strong determination among every man that every women in this country should be honoured. Only then empowerment in its true meaning will be realized. Jawaharlal Nehru said "You can see the condition of the nation by looking at the status of women. And the following phrase of Manusmriti "Ma Stree Swathantrayam Arhati" ( Women is underserving for independence reflects our whole attitude towards women in our country. women suffers discrimination and injustice in all stages of her life. According to Mahatma Gandhi "If you educate a man you educate an induvidual, But if you educate a women you educate an entire family". Our predominant patriarchal system doesn't provide enough chances for women to have higher education even if they wish. Girls should be motivated to take up higher education. Universal education for all below 14 years should be strictly implemented. Women should be allowed to work and should be provided enough safety and support to work.' Dowry still remains a major reason for all the discrimination and injustice shown to women. Dowry has always been an important part of Hindu marriages. Not only among Hindus, its evil tentacles are now spreading to other religions also. Although dowry was legally prohibited in 1961, it continues to be highly institutionalized. It is ridiculous to see that even among highly educated sections the articles of dowry are proudly exhibited in the marriage as a status symbol. The practice of dowry abuse is rising in India. The most serve is hide burning ". The burning of women whose dowries were not considered sufficient by their husband or in Laws. Most of these incidents are reported as accidental burns in kitchens or disguised as suicide. True empowerment will only be reached when women take part actively in the decision making process of our country. Swami Vivekananda said "That country and that nation which doesn't respect women will never become great now and nor will even in future. Let us work towards giving women their much deserved status.


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