The most memorable moments of my life .......

By B.Sharanya , X , A

The most memorable moments of my life are the school days. Every student feels so by this experience of the initial part of life. This feeling among them is also because of the care and responsibility of the school, to say, the care taken by the teachers. A school is a centre of knowledge which is divine. A school is a place where one can gain knowledge, friendship etc. Every moment in the school life is precious for every child as they are not repeated afterwards. I have a good attachment with the school as I started my studies from childhood in this school only. I have also gained a lot of knowledge from my teachers, friendship from my friends and also a good and strong support from my school. As I have a lot of attachment towards my school, I feel somewhat bad and emotional in bidding farewell. I feel very lucky to study in this school. Bidding farewell to these wonderful moments is the most emotional moment of our life and also in my life.


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