Effects of Bandh

By S.Soundarya , VII , C

In recent times the educational institutions were closed due to Telangana Bandh.
These Telengana bandhs were making the children feel happy with closure of schools. The actual effect of these bandhs on education are:
1. The children lose the joy of gathering with friends and have fun in the school.
2. Teachers were not getting sufficient time to cover the syllabus. As few teachers may try to hurry up to complete their portion and they might end up with insufficient explanation which leads to lack of interest in the students.
3. As most of the schools have postponed their exams, the delay in the academic session leads to mid of May instead of mid of April. This was the latest news given in the newspapers on 21st of October.
4. It became very difficult for the parents to manage their kids at home, so they started demanding the opening of school.
5. More over as there is no continuity of the schooling due to these bandh calls, we students lack interest in studies and feel overloaded at the end of the year, though we enjoyed the bandh holidays.
6. Many of the extracurricular activities planned for the academic year are cancelled.
7. It is still worse to state that many schools are now working on Sundays too, to compensate the bandh holidays.
So I wish that no bandh calls should affect the education of young minds.


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