Extra Curricular


By Kantha Raju V

Examination is a cricket MATCH
The candidate is the BATSMAN
The examiner is the UMPIRE
The supervisor is the LEG UMPIRE
The examination hall is the STADIUM
The writing desk is the PITCH
The mark sheet is the SCORE BOARD
The pen is the BAT
The question paper is the OVER
A difficult question is a GOOGLE
A confusing question is a FLIPPER
A good answer is COVER DRIVE
A quick answer is a SQUARE CUT
Writing answer without stopping is a SIXER
To think and then answer Is a FOUR
To stop after solving half a question is RUN OUT
To be caught with a chit is LBW
Not solving any question is out STUMPED
A blank answer sheet is clean BOWLED
A good rank in the class is “MAN OF THE MATCH”
A good position in the school is “ MAN OF THE SERIES “
A distinction is a CENTURY
To fail is to LOSE
To pass is VICTORY
Re examination is FOLLOW –ON
TO fail in re examination is to suffer and INNINGS DEFEAT.


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