By Kantha Raju V

1. Why do you have to go to bed? ....... Because the bed won’t come to you .
2. When can you eat soap? ....... When you change the ‘A’ to’U’.
3. How can you fit a ten page article about milk into five pages ? .......Condense it .
4. Which bird likes to eat saw dust? .......A wood pecker.
5. Which fish is also a weapon ? .......A sword fish
6. What do frogs drink? .......A croak a cola.
7. What occurs once in a minute twice in a moment but never in...


By Kantha Raju V

. . . . . Answer for the rebus: Turkey is popular not only in thanks giving and holiday times but all year around.

Puzzle Game

By Kantha Raju V

Find spring words in this fun puzzle.


By Kantha Raju V

There once lived a monk called Shan, in a village in China. He had earned a great name for himself. But he was very arrogant. Qui Jun heard of his arrogance and wanted to teach the monk a lesson. He went to meet Shan who neither greeted him nor acknowledged his presence. Just then a servant of the monk came with a message: "The son of an army officer is here to see you." The monk said, "I will go and greet him." After the army officer's son had departed Qui Jun asked Shan the reason for his...

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