By Shivani Parasher

There is a new band in the making, in our very own school that has come together because of their talents and their love for music. We have upcoming musicians such as Apurv Isaac who is a self taught musician and extremely talented. He has only been playing for the past seven months and is already creating waves at school culturals. He got a special mention for the best guitarist in his first Chennai performance and best instrumentalist at a recently held cultural event. He has an infatuation for music which has got him this far in such little time. He also writes his own songs. He is so addicted to the music that he has named his guitar Josephine!!!! We have our bass guitarist Ishaan Achanta who is a very down to earth person. He's an all rounder, a state football player, very intelligent and amazing on the guitar. He has been learning to play the guitar for the past 5 years and has recently shifted to the bass guitar. We have our talented drummer Sharukh Jacob Koshy who is extremely passionate about drums. He is also a sports person and very good in studies and balances both very well!!! He is very sensitive but also outgoing and friendly. He was adjudged the best drummer in his first ever performance. We have our only girl in the band, the chief editor of our online newsletter and pianist Vedika Nichani. If I start about this bundle of talent, I don't know when I'll stop!! She's an artist, district swimmer, singer ;), miss genius to name a few.......And last but not the least is Sai Arun Mohan. He is the band manager, second drummer and the unfortunate(for the amount of noise made, hats off to his parents) or should I say fortunate person in whose house the practices take place. He is a quick learner, a motor mouth and keeps us rolling on the floor with his "kadi" jokes. I have seen them play and they do need a lot of work but with their talent they are going to reach great heights. They are all only a bunch of 16year olds but the way they have balanced all their activities is commendable. Their songs belies their age. All I can say is two thumbs up and best of luck to the band.


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