Principal's Message

New Year

By Mr.Rajendran Kamayil

Every New year comes with opportunities for making new beginnings – new beginnings built on the edifice of the experience of the past and aspirations for the future.
The year 2009 brought to us a bouquet of successes and failures. On the positive side, we were able to create excellent results at AISSE/AISSCE 2009. Our Vidyalaya secured the Certificate of excellence from the commissioner, KVS New Delhi for both Class X and Class XII Board Examinations, satisfying all the six conditions stipulated for award of Certificate of Excellence by KVS. Four of our students secured Incentive Awards of Rs 5000/- each from KVS for figuring among the 15 Top Scorers at national Level among the KV students who wrote AISSE/AISSCE 2009. Nine of our students in class X and 3 in Class XII were awarded merit Certificates by CBSE, New Delhi for being among the top 0.1% of the successful students in the different subjects in AISSE/AISSCE. The Vidyalaya secured 78 merit points and the grade ‘OUTSTANDING’ in the first round of Academic Inspection, conducted by the Asst Commissioner, KVS (RO) Chennai, on 23rd Oct 2009. As many as 13 students of our Vidyalaya represented the Chennai region at the KVS National sports meet. The Literary Club of our Vidyalaya published the book “Teaching Beyond The known” – a Collection of essays on education, written by the teachers of our Vidyalaya.
Lack of positive and constructive approach to life on the part of a small minority of our students made the euphoria on our achievement appear meaningless. With prayers in our hearts and a sense of pride on our faces, we moved in to our new school building constructed at a cost of Rs 4.4 crores, on 15th July 2009. On that occasion we took a pledge – that we shall protect our Vidyalaya, every single door and window, every single fixture in the toilets, from all damages and destructions. Were we able to honour this pledge in letter and spirit? Damaged taps, broken granite panels, dismantled toilet fittings tell us we miserably failed to protect ‘our home’. We, either through direct involvement in the destruction or through silent acquiescence of the destructions perpetrated by our friends, became parties to the mindless act of damaging and destroying ‘our own home’. This is sad - a sad reflection of a small group of students with negative thinking and a criminal mind vandalizing our home.
The year 2010 opens up a new opportunity to us – to love our Vidyalaya and everything connected to it, because it is here that we equip ourselves to be successful and happy individuals in our future life; it is here that we learn the act of happy living as useful members of our family and society. Let us strongly resolve and with earnest commitment, not to do anything directly or indirectly, that will cause damage to our home – this Vidyalaya. Let us strongly resolve to preserve this magnificent building, not only for our own use, but also for the use of those generations of our brothers, sisters, children, grand children and great grand children who will thankfully remember us for this great act of preservation of our public wealth for the posterity.

Jai Hind

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