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Annual Day

By soumya,anna , XI , C

The annual day of a school is a day of colours and joy. Talented boys and girls of the school come together on this day to put up a great function, which not only speaks about development and progress of the institution but also gives reason for the members to cherish this important day. The 42nd annual day of KV Kadavanthra for the year 2009-2010 was celebrated in the month of May. The function was a splendor of joy and an amalgamation of talent diversity of the school.
The function started with the welcoming of the Chief Guest, district collector Dr Beena IAS, by the band. The principal then presented the Annual report of the school as the gathering sat quietly paying rapt attention to what he was saying. The chief guest of the day addressed the gathering; her inspiring words enlightened the minds of the students and parents present. The function was hosted by Abhijay, Sithara, Neha and Serene. Then came the Cultural Programs, which made the crowd cheer and clap. The program included many diverse items like group dances, songs, acts, skits and a band performance. It was a group of girls from the secondary and senior secondary section of the school who started the fiesta of cultural program with a classical dance, which was a tribute to lord Ganesha. The Cartoon dance by the primary students followed. Small kids in costumes of famous Cartoon characters danced and enacted them. There was another classical dance, which was performed by girls of senior secondary. Then there was the margazhi dance by girls of secondary section on fast rhythmic beats. A few students of our school had formed a band and their performance of the song ’21 guns’ originally composed by the famous band ‘Green Day’ followed the dance. Then there was a comic act presented by a group of boys. The whole crowd cheered for the performances of the function. The boys of the senior secondary brought this year’s fast beat pop dance. The English and Hindi skits came after that .The Hindi act was about the faults and degenerative drawbacks in he present generation. There was also show, which included the fusion of various musical instruments. The instruments included the Indian ones like Tabla, Flute and western like Guitar and keyboard
The dance by the senior boys was iceing on the cake. The English drama performed by the senior students provided the viewers with a moral message. In short, it gave an opportunity for the students to display their talents.
The show came to an end with the proposal of vote of thanks by the vice principal.
Next we will have a day ‘better’ than this ‘best’ day…………..


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