Hamari Rashtrabhasha - Hindi

By Nikhil Rajamane, IX

Hindi 'Pakwada'

Hindi pakwada, i.e., is Hindi Fortnight is being observed from 1st to 15th September, in our school (KV, CLRI) .During these weeks, various programs are being conducted. Numerous competitions are being conducted in various fields such as Debate, essay writing, poem recitation, speech, etc.

These celebrations are in connection with the remembering of Hindi which was declared as the official language of India by the Constitution of India in 1950. These celebrations are made to remind us of the importance and the value of Hindi in the communication and progress of India and also to spread the message all over the country of the importance of Hindi in day to day life.

India is a diversified country having many different languages, cultures, ethnic groups, geographical and climatic conditions. In spite of all this, India is a united country. We can identify many symbols of unity in our country, the most important among them is the language Hindi. Hindi is the most spoken language all over India. It is simple and its script is phonetic. Words from other languages can also be easily accommodated. So, we notice that Hindi is a blend of many languages.

Over 41% of Indians (about 42 crore people) regard Hindi as their mother tongue. In foreign countries too Hindi has become popular and many schools in which Hindi can be studied have been established in foreign countries. Hindi is one of the two official languages of communication (English being the other) for India's central government. It must be recognised that language is generally learnt on a need basis. We have 800+ languages and 2000+ dialects in India. Therefore, for communication, there should be one common language for all Indians and this role is being performed by Hindi. India is multi-linguistic country and a majority of the Indians speak Hindi despite having different Mother Tongues.

From above, it becomes clear that Hindi is a special language in India and it should be used more widely in India so that all Indians can communicate among themselves easily for the common goal of making India a developed nation.


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