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The Youth Parliament Zonals

By Mudit Sinha, IX C

The Youth Parliament is a very prestigeous competition in the KVS. In this competiton our school had been selected to represent our region in the zonal level. The competition was held on 5th December 2008. 3 schools including ours were participating in our zone - the Hyderabad zone. They were KV Hakkimpett, KV Kannur,and ours KV CLRI.
The competition was intense and the schools are still awaiting the results. Each school had about 50 parlimentarians, each one building up the parliamentary environment.
The school that takes the first position all over India shall perform in front of our country's president and receive Prizes from the same.
We wish all our parliamentarians the very best for their future and for the much awaited results of the competition.


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