By Sai Sneha , X , B

A special day for prize winners - let it be in CCA, youth parliament, sports or academics. As the new academic year dawned, the students who took the school to heights the previous year won their reward. Quite no. of students participated in the various competitions held in our school and also represented our school in events like youth parliament and national sports meet. The students were honored to receive their prizes from our chief guest Dr.Rahul Sinha (on 16th) and Mr. G. Raghava, Deputy Director SERC, Chennai (on 17th).
First starting with the CCA activities, there were at least a 100 prize winners on the 16th of April. The amazingly talented students of KVCLRI were rewarded for their enthusiasm towards team events and individual events. Students were glad to receive vouchers to buy books from higgimbothoms or select from vast collection at odyssey. The list of competitions is a bit too big. To name few, it included debate, group song, group dance etc. The innovative ideas of our teachers culminated in new events such as ek minute Hindi me. NAEP programs also saw very active participation through poster making and role plays for which the voucher coupons increased for the students.
The next day also was a continuation of the prize distribution ceremony. All the youth parliament participants got their certificate and some of the youth parliamentarians like vamsi ,monisha etc got special prize for their outstanding performance. Students who despite having to study much spared time for sports and games and made their region proud by qualifying for the nationals were also recognized on the very same day. Reshma of class 12 brought pride for KVS by being one amongst the SGFIs. Not to forget, the academic achievers. We saw many students who won laurels for the school through youth parliament, CCA etc receiving vouchers for excelling in studies. Students like Laxmi who is a great artist and singer topped in all the 6 subjects. Many promising students like her are making our school proud through their hard work and dedication to the school.
The most awaited prize was for inter house competition .The students sat nail biting till the end of the cca prize distribution to know which house wins the overall trophy. The war between 4 houses -ashoka, sivaji, tagore , bharathi was witnessed by the students every saturday during the cca competitions well coordinated by Prem Kumar sir, Savithri mam and Shyamala mam. The judges announced the names of the most deserving at the end of every competition. But now was the toughest one, which house is most deserving??? Bharathi declared as the runner up, who is on the top? It was ashoka. Cheers from all 4 corners filled the atmosphere.
This was it- our prize distribution. It had everything enthusiasm, eagerness, cheer claps and much more. At the end of this, I would fail in my duty if I don't mention the efforts of Suguna mam, Shyamala mam(who added adjectives for every prize winner),Tandra Reddy mam, Prem Kumar sir and all our teachers who made it a wonderful show.


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