MY AMBITION IN LIFE-An Essay writing topic

By G.Archana , V , D

My aim is to become a doctor. A doctor is a person who treats everyone equally. To reach my goal I will work hard for it, to become a doctor we have to study MBBS. To become a highly qualified doctor, we have to do MS or MD. I want to serve my nation. to do so. I will choose my profession as a doctor. I want to set up my own clinic in a village where they do not have proper medical facilities. I can render a free service to them as they cannot afford. Different people pray different Gods but all people think one persona their God i.e a doctor. I want to become a successful doctor in my life, Where I can serve whole heartedly, I like to render my service to the poor. My service may be a drop in the ocean, but if that drop were not ocean will be less because of that missing drop.

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