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Teachers day celebrations

By robin

Teachers Day Celebrations

Recently the Teachers day was celebrated with huge pomp and splendor in our school on the account of doctor Radha Krishnan's birthday. Usually, teacher's day celebrations would be something highly formal but this time it was not as usual and had in turn been engraved on the pages of our hearts. This whole program was highly goal oriented and was mainly aimed at providing the teachers with six whole hours of enjoyment. It was also aimed at relieving the worn out teachers from their monotonous routine and providing them with childly pleasures and enjoyment.

The six hours of enjoyment had begun sharply at eight am in the morning with a wonderful, humorous and long lasting assembly which had teachers donning on the roles of students. A stammered pledge, a dictatory news were highlights of the event. This was followed by some well presented speeches and other programmes. And then at last came the moment when the whole responsibility of tutoring was going to be placed on to the mischievous hands of the student teachers of class XI and XII.

The student principal had taken charge and was ready to lead his team of warriors. The student teachers who were armed to the teeth in all aspects of formal dressing were handing out tender, unblossomed, thorny rose flowers to their mentors.
The rose symbolized the rough and thorny outside and the sweet and tender inside of the students. After this exchange of roles and responsibilities, all the students, teachers as well student teachers stood up for an embracing and emotional national anthem sung by the choir group children. This was followed by huge list of instructions provided to the student teachers regarding their duties and responsibilities as teachers.
After all this everybody returned to their respective classes and the teacher's day was officially kicked off. All the classes from standard I to X were engaged by the highly capable student teachers who had spent hours creating notes on the various topics to be taught and were preparing themselves to be able teachers. The student principal was on rounds checking out each and every classroom and making sure that no class was left unengaged.
After all this action drama the official part of the teacher's day had finally came to an end sharply at 12 noon.
Just after a heavy lunch the real party had begun. All the teachers were personally invited by the students and were seated under the shady trees present in our premises and were bowled over with a wide range of programs including catchy as well as classy dance numbers, melodious as well as sweet solo songs by the students and the teachers as well. This was followed by a drama presented by the gent teachers which usually was a bore but had turned out to be a laugh riot. While the party was going on the teachers and the students were being provided with mouth watering, delicious delicacies along with thirst quenching lemonades.

In all the entire program was a huge success and had turned out to be one which would remain in our hearts till the end of times.


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