World Population Day- A Street play

By Rishika Sangolli , X , A

The population in India has increased more than three times from 350 million in 1947 to 1.15 billion in 2010. As per Report of the Working Group on Population Stabilisation- 11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012), Indian population is expected to overtake that of China by the year 2030 and the country will be the largest in the world with an estimated population of around 1.53 billion. Since India does not have adequate land mass as China has, India is experiencing major problems.
Understanding this serious situation, grade X students of KLE International school, Rajajinagar, performed a Street Play to commemorate the occasion of the World Population Day. Depicting the problems of over-population in India, the students focused on issues like Poverty, Unemployment, Elevated Crime rates, Corruption, Deforestation, Over-Utilization of Infrastructure, Unhygienic living conditions, Depletion of Natural Resources and Eco-system. Street play is an act with minimal props and a stress on action and sounds. Street plays helps to reach out to the public, because the people identify themselves with the characters and it is presented without major props, stage, makeup, costumes, etc. The act by the students gathered a huge crowd on the streets of II Block, Rajajinagar as passer-bys stopped and watched the play with awe and attention. The beat of drums and clapping was entertaining.
The message of Population Exposure passed to the student folks and the general public, through the street play, will definitely make them sensitive to the issue. The students were duly appreciated and applauded for their performance. The students themselves scripted, directed and enacted the street play under the guidance of the Life Skill programme, which is part of their CCE.
The school conducted various activities like Slogan writing, Poster making, Debates, Journal entries, Poems, etc, through out the week to celebrate World Population week and create population awareness among the students.


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