By Karthik Chegu , IX , A

Mathematics is one of the oldest subjects in the history of humanity. It is an interesting game of numbers. Humanity would never have advanced to such an extent as it is now if it weren’t for mathematics. Mathematics is a fascinating subject for people of all ages. Without the aid of Mathematics, our daily lives would have been very very intricate and complicated.

Mathematics is a very vast subject with no boundaries. It is branched into three main streams - Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. Arithmetic deals with numbers and powers. Algebra deals with variables and constants. Geometry deals with shapes. These three streams are further classified and are further grouped.

Mathematics is very very essential and vital in fields like Engineering and Space Sciences. Even if a minute calculating error is made while constructing a house or designing a rocket, the entire project may go devastated. So Mathematics is as dangerous as it is useful. So Mathematics is a subject which has to be dealt very carefully with.

Mathematics has not always been my area of interest. I was very poor at it till my sixth grade. I started gaining interest in the subject from seventh grade onwards. I like mathematics because I find it simple and understandable when compared to other subjects like French, Civics and Geography. Mathematics is my favorite subject as it is all about understanding the concepts. Once you are thorough with the concepts you can solve any mathematical problem. I love mathematics because I aspire to become an Engineer when I grow up and Mathematics is the prime factor for Engineering. I love to solve mathematical problems. Solving mathematical problems gives me relief when I’m stressed out. Mathematics is one of the subjects in which one can obtain full marks which I would like to call “out of out”.

India- the nation which I would proudly like to call as my motherland has produced great mathematicians like Aryabhatta, Bhaskara, Brahmaguptha and many more. Without the discovery of zero by the legendary Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta, we would never have had numbers up to infinity.

Mathematics has always been my favorite subject and I too would like to become a proud Indian and Mathematician{Engineer} like Aryabhatta.


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