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At 8.50am sharp, the bell rang and an announcement rang out that all the Spell Bee participants were to assemble in front of the newly constructed higher secondary building. With my heart thudding, I took my pencil and a notebook and joined a group of my friends and fellow participants trudging towards the new building.
Their faces too had the same expression that mine had – a bit scared but yearning to participate.
A few officials from Wordsworth Education Technology Pvt. Ltd., had gathered at the venue. After a formal welcome addressed by our Principal, the convener,
Mr. Padmanabhan, addressed us, emphasizing the importance of the English language in our life.
At 9.15a.m ,our Headmaster, Mr. Mariappan, directed us towards our respective halls where we had to compete. Mr. Padmanabhan gave us twenty minutes to complete ten jumbled words and ten fill-in-the-blanks. During that time, he dictated words to the fifth standard, generously repeating the words several times.
He regularly announced the time from his pocket-watch which seemed to be very fast. . So his announcements created many an anxious moment within me.
However, I was able to finish all the questions within the stipulated time. Then, he dictated fifteen words and by 10.00am, the written round was over.
He showed us how to recognize words in both British as well as American accents which made me feel like sticking to the Indian accent rather than the other two.
Within a few minutes, the oral round commenced. The participants were called in one by one to spell five words each. Being second to be called, I was able to know the score of all but one.
By the end of the second period, we returned to our classes. I felt very light as I had done, or thought I’d done, considerably well.


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