HEADING FOR THE MOON-20th June, 2009 turned out to be a memorable day for all of us, Jeevanites. It was a fine Saturday morning and we had gathered in the Assembly hall for the Prefectorial Swearing-in-ceremony. Everywhere, there was silence, though we could sense a sort of excitement in the air. We waited eagerly for the Chief Guest, Dr. Mayilswamy Annadurai to arrive, and, when he did, the school burst into a chorus of ‘I shall not be moved’ in order to welcome him. The Prefects Swearing-in-ceremony commenced with a prayer, as soon as the Chief Guest, Chairman, Advisor, Chief Executive, Principal, Heads, Coordinators and Prefects reached the dais.  The prayer was followed by a warm welcome address delivered by our Principal. Mrs. Nirmala Visveswaran. In her address, she emphasized the importance of the ceremony and also introduced Dr. Mayilswamy Annadurai to all of us, as the very epitome of hard work and humility. She also mentioned the assurance given by Dr. Annadurai that an Indian will land on the moon in the year 2020, meaning that it could easily be any one of us. She concluded by, once again, cordially welcoming everyone to the ceremony. Once the Welcome address was over, it was time for the Oath-taking by the Prefects. It was customary for the Chairman of the school Mr. M.S. Iyengar to administer the oath. Accordingly, the prefects took oath to discharge their duties honestly and impartially, lead in the right way and uphold the honour and dignity of the school. Those words had a certain ring about them and they filled every one of our hearts with feelings akin to pride. The Chairman then formally appointed Saurab Jindal as  Head Boy, M. Sahana as  Head Girl, Sachin Sundar as Vice Head Boy,
Anjali Bhatera as Vice Head Girl and the other Prefects.
    The Oath taking was followed by the pinning of badges. Besides the Chairman, the Principal and the Advisor, everyone in the dais was asked to pin the badges for one or two Prefects, something which the Chief Guest, Dr. Mayilswamy Annadurai noticed, as he later appreciatively mentioned it in his speech. After the pinning of badges came to an end, the Chief Guest was asked to address the gathering. Dr Mayilswamy Annadurai gave one of the most inspiring speeches we had ever heard. He told us how leadership was often misunderstood. A good leader was the one who had the ability to make his or her followers good enough to lead. He also stressed the point that leaders were not judged based on the number of followers they had. He described to us his old school days and how he gained success by just enjoying the work he did. He also urged us to enjoy everything we did as “enjoyment and success go hand-in-hand”. After that inspiring speech, it was time for prize-distribution for the toppers and centum-scorers in Board exams. The teachers who had produced the toppers were also rewarded. The applause received by the students and teachers was almost deafening. Soon, the prizes had all been given and our hands were almost numb with clapping. Our Headmaster, Mr. A.K. Srinivasan , who had been compering , gave the ‘vote of thanks’ and amidst a glorious burst of a chorus of ‘We shall overcome’, the Prefects swearing-in-ceremony came to an end.


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