Principal's Message

Nature, the Best Teacher

By Mrs. Vinola Murali

My dear students,

In this edition, I want to share with you all my thoughts about Nature and how Nature proves to be the Best Teacher.

We learn a lot from Nature. Nature does a lot of good to human race though we harm her with global warming, depleting the ozone layer, exploiting our Earth with our greed in so many other ways. In spite of all this, she blesses us with lots of gifts; she is benovolent in providing us with food and shelter, bears with us patiently, paves ways for inventions and discoveries, teaches us laws and comforts us with different seasons and helps in our development.

Photography is a wonderful means of capturing the beauty of nature and other monuments.You can view some of the beautiful photos in our photo gallery taken by me. Photography is a very good hobby. Learn it and you will enjoy capturing your memories for posterity.




Nature by itself is natural and so we can believe it beyond doubt.As a teacher I am proud that The Principal of a School has emphasized the lessons we learn from it. I agree that Photography is a Worthy hobby .

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