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By Harinarayanan , XI , A


For most ,school is a place where one goes to acquire knowledge to pass out exams. I too would agree but would like to elaborate on this issue. The one important aspect of schooling is the moral values like discipline, punctuality etc. which are imparted to us by our teachers . The lessons they teach us are invaluable and would be required not just to complete our studies but also for the rest of our lives. We learn to focus on our goals and to channelize them in the right manner. Moreover recognize how we can overcome hurdles and to live life in a better way. One cannot forget the love and care that we get from our school. Teacher regards us as their own children. That’s why they scold us when ever we do something wrong. The bonding that exists between the students is incomparable. Classmates play a significant role in teaching us the importance of friendship and the power of love in ones life which can make our life more meaningful. School-life will always have some bad moments which we as students should forget and move on with life . These moments turn into a matter of laughter for us in a span of time. Picnics provide an opportunity to forget our chapters and enjoy the most cherish able moments of our friendship. Even great people have said that they miss their school life. We do not understand its value now . After a few years we all will be busy with our lives , then we would think back and agree that school life is the best of ones life .Enjoy school life as thoroughly as possible so that you don’t get an opportunity to regret in the future.
“School life is like an ice cream , lick it before it melts.”


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