10th picnic report

By Alisha Rachel , X , B

10th picnic report
Each 1oth grader woke up thrilled and enthusiastic, for it was the awaited day of the year-picnic day. We boarded the buses at 6 am and after a while when the beat was on we could sense the heat of burning excitement and then none of us were on our seats. After our breakfast at Thodupuzha,we reached the most beautiful and exotic place we’ve ever been to –Kulamavu. We were welcomed by the cold breeze that made our hearts overwhelmed with happiness. We started to celebrate each and every moment that was gifted to us during this wonderful picnic. Then we had the most awaited part of the day-Trekking. We holded on to each other’s hands and started climbing the hill. The scenic view we saw from the hill top was a splendid vista. At noon we had a sumptuous after which we had cycling. Soon the place became misty and it was time for us to bid farewell to Kulamavu. We boarded the buses with heavy
Hearts. Within an hour dinner was served and we left with all the incredible memories we gathered out of this picnic.


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