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Hue Ha! Shades of life ...

By Ms. Shailja Vij

Bluetopia carnival was a gala time for Art lovers across all ages. At GIS we had organized Blutopia Art Carnival which was divided into two categories:-
Inter school – Hue Ha! Shades of life (T- Shirt Designing)
Open Art Competition (Drawing and colouring)
For the – Hue Ha! Shades of life around 4 schools participated. We had two categories open for schools to participate :-
Junior category (classes III – V)
Senior category (classes VI – IX)
The topic Oceania – The Marine life was given to the Junior category where as “My Shirt My Style “ was for the seniors.
Mr Makrand Dharphale , father of Atharva of class II A was invited to judge the competition. The criteria’s included concept, imagination, neatness, colouring skills and the message conveyed.
Results of the Hue Ha! Shades of life
Junior Category
Apoorva (Cambridge High)
Sciya Vij (Gopalan International School)
Sneha Gupta (Gopalan National School)

Senior Category
S.R Hemant Kumar (Cambridge High)
Akhila A Varghese (Gopalan National School)
Ritika (Gopalan International School)

Blutopia Open Art Competition
Open Art Competition was another great event conducted where the children could participate according to their age/ class
Category I (classes I and Below)
Category II (classes I - II)
Category III (classes VI and above)
Category IV (Parents)

The greatest attraction was out parent category where in enthusiastic parents participated along with their kids to encourage them and to bring out their hidden talents.
Each and every work was a masterpiece in itself but the best were given certificates as our token of appreciation. The works have been displayed in the school and can be viewed by everyone.

Results of Blutopia Open Art Competition
Category I
Rayyan (IB)
Shamika (Prep C)
Asfiya (Nur D)

Category II
Rajeshwari (II B)
Nethra (II B)
Shwetha Ramakrishnan (II B)

Category III
Saakshi (VI)
Ruta (VI)
Riya (VI)
Category IV
Chetan Vij (father of Sciya from class IV)
Mr. Nagananda Rayapuram (father of Idhant Nag, Nur B)
Alka Gaur (mother of Ishita Gaur from V)

The day witnessed a profusion of colours and creativity, a smile of pride and achievement on every participants face…….a perfect ending to Blutopia.

Karnataka State Level Awards
Another major event this year was the selection of three of our students for the regional level for the Camlin Art Competition. The works were displayed and they were felicitated with medals from Camlin India Ltd.


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