Pre-Primary Sports Day and Children's Day

By Ms. Latha Verghese

Our tiny tots of the pre-primary section at GIS had a wonderful time as they got to participate in fun races during this week for Children’s Day, celebrated on 11.11.11. The teachers organized some innovative games for their students which helped to hone their skills and taught them some new ones, all while having fun !!
The first race of the day began with Prep C children who had to balance a tray with 3D shapes that they had learnt about this month. The little ones of Prep B had fun while filling water into their cups using a piece of sponge !! Prep A students had a whale of a time getting ready for the beach, in their stunning beachwear !! Their partners were waiting for them at the ‘station’.
Nursery babies had a lovely time with their partners , doing fun things before reaching the finish line. This included cheerleaders, doing the ‘shakalaka boom boom’ all the way to the victory stand !! And not to miss the frog princes and princesses who laughed, sang, and danced their way to victory!! Some others had to pick up things in order, the dress up their partners on their way to the party too !!
Even the playgroup babies had their share of fun !! We had a new year blast (with balloons), went shopping, and arranged flowers in our vases to decorate the GIS playground !! And all our efforts were rewarded with prizes !! It was such an enjoyable day for the tiny tots as they watched a movie in school. The littlest of our babies of playgroup I enjoyed a ‘party’ wherein they had to polish off a couple of party snacks and a gulp of juice and reach the finish line. They had to be motivated to empty their plates before heading for the finish line.
All the students enjoyed the muffin and tetra pack of ‘frooti’, along with a movie, which was a special treat for Children’s Day. It was really welcome after a tiring day outdoors.
Our thanks go out to all our parents for their continuous support and encouragement. Also thanks to all our teachers who organized it all, especially Ashok, Neville, Vasant and Gladis who lent us a helping hand; and our governnesses for helping us out in our endeavour to let the children have fun. We thank our Principal for all her guidance and for distributing the prizes and certificates.
The winners names can be checked in the "Achievers" section of the newsletter.


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