Solo singing Competition

By By Ms Nibedita Dass

Solo singing competition was held on 16th Dec for Pre Primary children at Gopalan International School, the prelims for which were conducted on 5th Dec. Children came up with songs in different languages. They sang confidently and melodiously.

The winners:

Prep: I Prize : Johan Viji Skariah, Prep C
I Prize : Nehal Ann Mathew Prep C
I Prize : Srinivasan Natarajan, Prep C
II Prize: Sarjani Rai Prep A
III Prize Chakrika Koyye Prep B

Nursery I Prize Sourav Menon Nur B
II Prize Aarav Sunil Dodhia Nur A
III Prize Dharini P Nur A
III Prize Erin John Nuur C

PG II I Prize Melvin Rocky Philip PG II C
II Prize Sahana Pazhani PG II B
II Prize Rhianna Nambiar PG II C
III Prize Angela Palackal Sony PG II B
III Prize Manav Binu PG II A


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