Book Review: “Wise and Otherwise”—Sudha Murthy

By Neha Desai , VII , C

An old man dumps his old father in an old-age home declaring him to be a homeless stranger; An old man living in Kalahandi who is of about 104 years old proves to be more civilized than those of us with our fingers on the pulse of the Internet; An uneducated woman teaches the author to see the positive side of every difficulty and to try to enjoy life.

These are some of the touching and thought-provoking stories of people from all over the country that Sudha Murthy records in her book, ‘Wise and Otherwise’. From incredible examples of kindness and generosity to the most humiliating and cruel behavior one can expect from human beings, Murthy recounts all these examples with a wry humor and in a straight-forward manner which makes this book a pleasure to read for all ages. Wise and Otherwise comprises of 50 stories which showcase the different variations in human nature.

This book introduces us to the many common moral values and habits that we as children must know. The book has been widely appreciated by children and teenagers as it helps them to prepare for a bright future that’s awaiting them.

“Traveling opens the doors to knowledge”. Sudha Murthy has proved this statement by traveling to each and every corner of the India and sharing her wonderful experiences with us which indirectly provide us a glimpse of Indian culture and heritage. Her experiences also reveal the poor conditions in which some of the Indians of our country are living in.
A topper in school, Sudha Murthy has also written a few excerpts about her own personal life which tells us about the bafflements she had to overcome before emerging as a successful social worker. Her life is, and will continue to be a source of inspiration to many…….


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