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By Sharanya Vishwanathan , VIII , B

It is a common belief that “A dirty house reflects a person’s personality” but people forget that a dirty nation just reflects you. And so the students of NSS club, DPS Bangalore South tried to clean the city on 8th September 2011. All the students were taken to BDA Complex and the areas nearby to clean up the mess created by the ignorant people who seem to forget that with every piece of trash that they throw they are just contributing to global warming thereby destroying the world.
The trip started out on a positive note, with a lot of students eager to help us clean up the place. The place was not far off from school so it didn’t take much time to reach the BDA Complex. When we reached the Complex, we were all given gloves and bags to clean up the trash wherever found. This was when we probably had the most astounding discoveries. We found broken eggs, egg cartons and even a baby diaper! The usually found litter was found here too, like plastic covers, garlands, chips packets, bits of papers on the floor and many more. We had an Ayahma who was more than willing to help us out with something when we couldn’t do it. While we were cleaning out the place, the shopkeepers and passersby watched us fixated. These people were in complete admiration for our ability to do something that they probably didn’t think of or wouldn’t dare to do.
After about 30-45 minutes of cleaning the place, we retired back to the buses with a proud feeling that we had done our bit to clean up this world. We are doing our bit, I hope so are you by throwing your trash into dustbins instead of the road.


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