DEKATHYA - A Milestone Reached!

By Minakshii Borana

Dekathya_the brainchild of the Student Council of Delhi Public School, Bangalore South, was
indeed an apt name and a fitting event to mark 10 glorious years of the institution in the field of
education. All credit goes to the senior students for stage-managing successfully a show of this
magnitude. Meticulous planning and a wonderful team spirit contributed largely to the
excellent show.
Dekathya was organized in the school campus on November 18th and 19th. It included an array
of unique events that pitted 12 schools against each other in a healthy competition. They let
the imagination soar, displayed the talent of the youngsters and provided a challenge to their
creative minds, enabling them to reach dizzying heights of achievement.
Mr. Maqsood, Secretary, KKCET and Member, Board of Management, declared Dekathya open.
After the ceremonial lamp was lit, Mr. Mansoor, Treasurer, KKCET and Member, Board of
Management addressed the students; Ms. Manju Sharma, Principal, expressed happiness on
the completion of 10 years of the school and wished the students every success. The surprise
element of the inaugural ceremony was the cake ‘DEKATHYA’ that weighed 14 kilos. A
beautifully-choreographed dance performance, featuring the importance of Peace in the world
prevailing over negative emotions like Anger and Greed, was the highlight of the cultural
Photography, Flash Fiction, Mélange and Stagecraft were some of the huge draws on Day 1.
Day 2 witnessed diverse competitions like Rebirth, the 4th Estate, Decibel and Cipher. They
covered different subjects like History, Current Affairs, Informatics and Science, each with its
own distinctive style and conducted with aplomb.
Delhi Public School, Bangalore North emerged the champions, walking away proudly with the
coveted Dekathya trophy. But, of course, every single participant of every school could be
considered a winner, after the sportsmanlike spirit displayed in participation


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