By Minakshii Borana

There is a theory that all humans have a certain affinity for the sea because eons ago they lived there - as simple cells! I
am inclined to believe in this theory, for it is a rational way to explain the intense joy and sense of contentment that filled
me when I saw vast blue sea. We were in high spirits as we chugged out of Bangalore City railway station. One fun-filled
train journey and bus ride later, we arrived at the southernmost point of India, famished. We ate a delicious meal and
walked towards the sea, where we got on to a boat that took us to
the Vivekananda memorial. The fresh breeze that blew
constantly and the sound of the waves excited us. The memorial
was a quiet place; an island on which Swami Vivekananda once
meditated. There were two main structures on the island. Both
had a statue of the great man within them. The imposing statue
of Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar was the first thing that caught our
eye, for it was visible from far away. Our next destination was
the sunset point. We missed the sunset, but every cloud seemed
to have a silver lining- figuratively and literally! The second day
was the best of them all. Our first destination was the
Thirupurappu falls. Not a big waterfall, it invited us to enter and
splash around in its water as much as we pleased. The cool spray was refreshing. After stopping for lunch, we hurried to
see the most wondrous sight of them all, the Kovalam beach. The water was blue, the sand golden-grey and the sun
shining silver. We took our shoes off and ran into the water. The waves were strong but that made it even better. There
was no difference between teachers and students in the water. Everyone was equally likely to be pushed in and soaked to
the bone! The next morning, we were up at five (teachers had to drag a few sleepyheads out) so that we could visit the
Padmanabha temple. It was a pleasant change to see everyone dressed in ethnic wear to enter the temple. We had to rent
dhotis –even the girls- because pants weren’t allowed. It was quite
funny really, to see the dhotis wrapped like towels over our
clothes! The temple was beautiful. It was spacious and filled with
beautiful carvings of stone. There were lots of people, despite the
early hour. After breakfast at the hotel, we boarded the bus once
more and travelled to Veli tourist village- a place with various
kinds of boating facility. Some of us enjoyed the speed boats, while
the others enjoyed the view,played on the swings and revelled in
the greenery. We had to leave early to catch the train back home.
The trip was a LOT of fun. Apart from the tourist spots, we
enjoyed three fun filled days with our best friends! If I will bet you a
cone of Baskin Robbins that no one was homesick!


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