Principal's Message


By Mrs. Lata Mathew

Greetings from DMCS Banaswadi to all the students!
I’m sure most of you would be looking forward to be back at school after the long vacation. Hope you have had a wonderful break and can now get back refreshed and with new energy.
The first day of school is always exciting! What are the things you could look forward to? New friends for sure, which class room will we be in, who’s going to be our class teacher, any new teachers around? So many questions, so many answers, so much to share with old friends. Yes, the first day of school has a special charm in a school student’s life.
For those who have joined us this year, we extend a special welcome. It is, of course, natural that you compare this school with your previous one and probably, find your old school better!! That is because your loyalties are still with your old school. Now this is your second home and once you start getting used to it, you’re sure to love being here.
A message for our old students – do put forth extra effort to make your new friends feel at home here, let them not miss their old school.
Let’s all begin 2010-2011 with a bang and step forward with enthusiasm and joy.
Once again, Welcome Back and All the Best!!!!


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