By Sundar Kumar


Home work is very important for children. It develops the readings & writing skills of children. Home work can be given any form like home assignments or projects etc. It improves the grammar and languages. Home work is a must for all the children. If Homework is given to children they will try at least to read & write something or the other. Otherwise they simply waste their time to watch TV or in Playing. Children should know the value of time as well as utilize their time in a proper way.

“So please encourage giving homework”.
Pratidhee Jha
Class : VII

Home work may cause pressure to complete and perform well in school. Students become more stressed and tired moreover they won’t be able to focus and function for the next day. Students can become sleepy and inactive. Home work can cause students to lose their interest in learning and it may encourage students to cheat and drop out of school early.
Kanaka Rithvi
Class: VII

Yes, In my view, homework must be given to the students. Homework usually refers to the tasks given to students to extend their class work. It makes us understand the concept thoroughly. It polishes our knowledge & skill related to the concept which we are learning and helps us to memorize it thoroughly. Practice makes a man perfect, here practice refers to the homework which on doing regularly will clear the concept for us. I feel that in every school every day home wok must be given. Practice of daily home work can motivate the children to learn more and improve their knowledge & skills.

Abhinav Anand
Class: VII

I feel that home work should be given because the students get practice, they can improve their knowledge and skills, they can improve their reading etc., but home work should be given according to the capability and caliber of the children. It should be a ‘revision’ for the children so that they can memorize the things whatever they have learnt. It should not be a burden to them.

Class: VII

I want to say that home work should be given to the children. If they get home work they can memorize again what the teacher taught them. With that they can improve their handwriting, and also thoroughly learn spelling, grammar etc., with the help of home work.

B. Sai Padmini
Class : VII

Home work should be given because it helps in improving our capability. It also improves our thinking, capacity. Thus it helps students to refresh their memory of what they have learnt in the school. It also helps to students to manage their time more effectively. Student who do their home work establish self –discipline. Home work is a necessary component of students’ education.
Class : VII

Home work is work done at home assignment by our teachers, parents etc., But everyone has a different point of view regarding home work some have negative thoughts and some have positive thoughts. According to me, giving homework, is a very good which allows to know what you can do and what you can’t do. It gives a chance to do things independently and thus be independent at an early age itself. I think that home work is full of advantages rather than disadvantages.
Class: VII

In my opinion home work should and must be given to children. As it helps to practice and make the children as perfect gems. I their childhood, if they are habituated of doing homework every day. It will be easier for them to learn the things in their higher standards..

Class : VII


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