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By Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Facilitato

The Daffodils Science Club consists of 35 students from Standard 3 – 9 and four teachers.
Our Vision:

• To enrich children with scientific knowledge to lead their life comfortably and enthusiastically.
• To enable them to bring out their hidden talents to achieve progress.
• To upgrade their intra & inter school participation in Science events.
• To improve their academic performance.

Our objectives:

• To discuss the basic concepts and its applications in nature and day-to-day life.
• To teach science concepts with experiments and examples.
* To train students to demonstrate simple experiments of their choice confidently and precisely (individual / group activity).
• To provide scientific information and materials.
• To encourage students to collect information / materials on certain topics and science experiments.
• To conduct various science events.
• To motivate them with suitable rewards and awards.

Activities conducted:

• Science talk
• Demonstration of Experiments
• Essay competition
• Science Quiz
• Drawing competition, Collage making
• Participation in Science events (Intra & inter school competitions)
• Science lectures by internal and external experts.

The Science Exhibition “Science in Action” by Science club on 26th January 2011 was the collection of simple science experiments and exhibits on various topics like simple machines, solar system, Rocks and minerals, Electric boats, Rocket launcher, energy conversion, colour disc, Electromagnetism, Soap manufacture and colourful chemical reactions. The collection of Bay blades and the explanation of its history, parts and working attracted the audience especially children. Students’ demonstration of experiments and their explanation was praised by the visitors. Children enjoyed thoroughly the moment spent in exhibiting their talents. It was a good interesting learning experience for them.

I appreciate the students for their interest, enthusiasm shown and also for their good performance in the Exhibition. I wish them all the best and to continue the same in the future events also.
I congratulate the teachers In-charge Mrs. Anitha, Mrs. Dhrubha Choudary and Mrs.Wendy for their contribution to the growth of Science Club and also for the keen interest and effort extended to
the Science Exhibition.

Our sincere thanks to the Management, Mrs. Usha Ravi, Principal and Mrs Shashikala, Headmistress for their support and encouragement in this regard.


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